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The JZR Pilots Association was formed in 1992 - The objective then, as now, - a no rule, no committee, no fuss organisation, to cater for like-minded individuals. We welcome all threewheeler owners. Present membership totals almost 200, over 50% of the 320 JZRs produced and includes members in N. Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Holland, Sweden, and believe it or not Rwanda. Members come from many walks of life, including a Bishop. He'll bless your car, but still advises membership of the R.A.C. They tend to be of mature years, albeit young in spirit!

To become a member costs 17.50 per year. See membership form. The link between Members of the Association is provided by our Pilots Notes, issued quarterly and contains reports and advance information on events, technical information and member's grouses and opinions. Trike chassis are manufactured by and spares are available from John Ziemba. John can be contacted at JZR Trikes, Nancy Street Yard, Nancy Street, Darwen, Lancs BB3 3HP. Tel: 01254 760 620.

Association Officials
Dave Ward - Chairman
Email jzrman@gmail.com
Editor: Kath Shaw Tel 01982 560 214
Email: katherineshaw456@btinternet.com
Tony Simpson - Membership Secretary and treasurer
Email: zipper1995@talktalk.net or 01246 823895
Keeper of the Web Site -
Evelyn Lofty
Email:evelynlofty@btinternet.com or 01530 416 536


We need nominations for the Post of Treasurer ana Membership Secretary for the JZRPA. These should reach the Chairman, Dave Ward, asap and at least by the AGM on 2nd May 2014. Please think carefully about this post and volunteer if you can. For the association to carry on it must have a Treasurer, so we are in danger of folding. The Officers would hate this to happen, so come on take on the job and help your club.

We have had an Invitation to the 22nd German Threewheeler Meeting 12th - 14th September 2014. For details see Dates for your Diary.

More bad news. Tony Hollingshead (speedy) passed away on Wednesday 26th February. We all send our best wishes to his wife Marian at this sad time. Tony will be cremated on Thursday 13th March 2014 at 2.30p.m at Milton Crematorium near Stoke on Trent. Just off the A53 at Baddeley Green. No flowers but donations to charity. Cheques should be made out to Cheshire Asbestos Victim Support group. Charity no 1042679.

Zipper is seriously ill and has been in hospital with lung problems. He is now home and feeling considerably better. Our thoughts are with him and his wife Joy.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that Brian passed away in his sleep on Saturday 25th January 2014. As his body has been accepted by Leicester Medical School there will be no cremation. We held a Memorial Service for him on Friday 7th February at 12 noon at St. Helens in Ashby followed by a 'do' at The Beeches Carvery. There were no flowers but donations to the British Lung Foundations came to just under 600. There were many family and friends present and it was a lovely service. Thank you so much for coming to say goodbye to him. Evelyn

We are very sorry to announce that Jim Bates has passed away after being in a coma since last Christmas. Our thoughts are with Yvonne and their family. The funeral was at Leicester Crematorium on Monday 11th November 2013 at 3.15 pm. Flowers or donations to the Heartly Link Children's charity.
There was a large congregation present to pay their respects to Jim and support Yvonne at this sad time, including a large group of his JZR friends. Jim was an early member of the JZRPA and has been a very helpful member. He has been interested in three wheeled cars, and motor bikes for many years. We were reminded about Jim's many activities including his several marathons.
Jim will be really missed by friends and family and he will never be forgotten

Try out the 2013 gallery of vehicles which were at Stoneleigh.

We would like to know the whereabouts of our JZR Q533WHE and Stewart would like to know the whereabouts of EFV394V. Stewarts email is morgan_bgo@yahoo.co.uk and ours is brianlofty@btinternet.com

Thanks go to Fred Martin for kindly contributing the proceeds of his sale of JZR spares to club funds. Thanks Fred

Christmas dinners at the various meets went very well and everyone was pleased to see such a good turnout.

Are you looking for spares? Check out our sales page. If there is anything you want - get in touch with the seller. You will lose the opportunity as they wont keep these spares around for ever.

Winter meets are on the second weekends of each month this. Saturday 9th is the meet of the M25 Squadron of the JZR at The Toby Inn at Watford at 12 noon. Contact Brian Fereday on 01923 779162. On Sunday 10th the Peak Squadron meet at 12 noon at The Rising Sun, Wirksworth. For further information contact Zipper on 01246 823895

The Welsh Wanderers sortie went very well and was enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks again to Frances and Kath for being such good hosts. A fuller report to follow.

Donnington Kit Car Show -Had a good day on Saturday. We arrived at Castle Donington about 9.30 am. Dave 355 had arrived 5 minutes before me, we both had a walk around the hall. I had forgotten my camera but Dave took a some photo's. Went back to the cars had a sandwich and a cup of bovril at about 1.00.pm we did not think any one else would turn up then 2 JZR's rolled up Tina and then Gary Bryant from Birmingham. His JZR looks very good - making 4 of us. Dave and myself had another walk around and decided to make for home at about 2.30pm. when I was coming down the M1 the exhaust was getting a bit louder. I had a look around the exhaust, every thing looked ok, but when I got home had a better look to find the baffles were all had come adrift. Zipper

MOT for three wheelers. Zipper's JZR recently passed its MOT but needed a front number plate. On checking the new regs we found that if a threewheeler uses the motor bike steering then no number plate required. i.e. handlesbars - no number plate needed. A steering wheel and you need a front number plate. This reg is new for 2012.

Check out the link to JZRUSA2. The car built by Jim Fowler and sold to Fred Veenschoten Fred writes -I've gotten my blog up and working with a number of postings and adding new ones every week. this is the continuation of Jim Fowler's jzrusa build. The USA build 2

Check our our Stoneleigh 2012 gallery. Apologies for the delay. Brian & Evelyn

Brian & Evelyn's BBQ at Ashby on Sunday went very well in spite of the weather Sadly there were no JZRs but plenty of Motor chat. It was very good to meet up with old friends and catch up with their motoring adventures. Brian & Evelyn

Several JZRs and their pilots and passengers enjoyed a weekend at Ingleton at a meet superbly organised by Brian Pearce. They travelled up some of the steepest roads imaginable and met in the evenings at the Masons Arms.Several of us were disappointed to miss this trip. some through ill health, and some through other committments. Many thanks Brian

At the AGM at Stoneleigh this year a decision was made to have a trophy made in the memory of Edgar Lowe, one of the founder members who died last year just short of his 90th birthday. The Trophy will be awarded each year by the Management team at Stoneleigh. This year it was awarded to Henry Tierney and his daughter for the superbly finished JZR. We agreed on a shield type trophy and it was presented to Henry and his daughter by The Bishop at The Mason Arms in Ingleton during the weekend rally there. Henry's daughter is holding the medal he will be keeping. Zipper

The first day of Stoneleigh went well. Bright sunshine, several very smart JZRs. A Morgan three wheeler from Coventry, a BRA and an Isetta fibreglass body. The AGM was at 2pm. Dave ward was elected Chairman. It was decided to give a Trophy in memory of Edgar Lowe at each AGM to the member who has made a contribution to the club - the criterior to be decided each year. Steve Owen and Derek Martin are taking over the JZR Archives and with help and contributuins from others produce a "History of the JZR" A full report will be in the next issue of Pilots Notes.
From the Chairman
With the retirement of our Chairman, nobody wanted to try and follow that act and so, in desperation, they picked on the last person to take one step back. Yesterday I couldn't spell Chairman.......... now I are one. So you've got noone but yourselves to blame if you don't like my impression of Genghis Khan.

The Good Friday run of the Peak Squadron was a great success. Run by Bob Roach they met at Cromford for a coffee and then had a run up into the snowy hills. The picture below says it all.

S O S Can any members suggest good a good company for JZR insurance. Adrian Flux has already been tried. Please contact richard on rjs@primex.co.uk or brianlofty@btinternet.com

Now the New Year is here start planning your trips out for 2012. Check our Diary Dates and then read the members reports for an account of several runs which took place in 2011. Looking forward to seeing you during 2012 - Brian & Evelyn

There is an advert in Pilots' Notes for spares from Fred Martin. He can also be contacted by email at fredmartin311@hotmail.co.uk

We have been to two JZR Christmas Dinners. On Saturday 10th December the M25 Squadron met at Watford and the following day the Peak Squadron met at The Rising Sun, near Wirksworth. We enjoyed both events, with good food and good company. It is great to meet likeminded friends, some of whom we have known for years. If you missed them, get the dates in your diary for next year.

Brian & I went to the Classic car show at NEC. Click on the Morgan visit link to see detailed pictures.

We were very sorry to hear of the death of Helen Martin, wife of our long term member Derek Martin aka Hackett and Weld. Helen was a lovely lady and will be missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with Derek at this difficult time. Brian & Evelyn

October meeting. We went to two JZR meetings this weekend and had a really enjoyable get together with old friends at both locations. It is a fair way for us to Watford, just over 100 miles, but mostly down the M1 which was luckily quite empty. It was so nice to catch up with all our friends and see their JZRs. We are planning a Christmas Dinner for the December meeting. We took a pile of literature and copies of Pilots Notes from the beginning of the club for Roger England who as our archivist is making a record of the history of the JZR. If you have any information or interesting items please contact Roger England on 01462 812241.
On Sunday we drove up to Carsington Water and met at The Rising Sun, on the B5035. The food was good and the company excellent. It was particularly nice to see Jim back home after his summer in Bulgaria and Stu the pipe and his wife who had travelled a good distance to be with us. Again a Christmas meal was planned. Brian & Evelyn

Welsh Wanderer
The sortie in Wales was a great success. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were both poorly and not able to attend. We were very pleased to receive a card signed by all the rally goers with this picture of their JZRs.

Advance notice. Brian Pearce is considering running a rally at Ingleton in June 2012. Please let him know asap if you are interested. Tel:01200 441 120.

Fred Martins Manuals. - We have had several requests for the Owners Workshop Manual and have decided to get another batch printed. They have now arrived and are still at the old price of 10.50 plus postage. If you would like one please get in touch. Brian & Evelyn

From the web - To all JZR enthusiasts in USA -From Fred - I understand that there were 20 kits sold to the US but only half of them were built. Does anyone know of one available for sale.

Try out this website sent to us from France. French Tricycle link

Look out for articles on the new Morgan Three wheeler. Try the LINKS page on our Menu.

Message from Hans in the Netherlands.- I am building a website, which is to be extended in the future, but has already been operational for few days. Try out the link
There is a new section reporting the formation of a Three Wheeler club in France, of which half the members are JZR Owners. On line now. Try it out

Reluctantly membership fees have to be increased to 17.50 from January 2012. The cost of PNs both to produce and post has increased.

Check out our Stoneleigh gallery 2011

Membership fees are 17.50 per year. Paypal is available at an extra 2 for charges.

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