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The JZR Pilots Association was formed in 1992 - The objective then, as now, - a no rule, no committee, no fuss organisation, to cater for like-minded individuals. We welcome all threewheeler owners. Present membership totals almost 200, over 50% of the 320 JZRs produced and includes members in N. Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Holland, Sweden, and believe it or not Rwanda. Members come from many walks of life, including a Bishop. He'll bless your car, but still advises membership of the R.A.C. They tend to be of mature years, albeit young in spirit!

To become a member costs £17.50 per year. See membership form. The link between Members of the Association is provided by our Pilots Notes, issued quarterly and contains reports and advance information on events, technical information and member's grouses and opinions.
Membership fees should be sent the Treasurer,Peter Wright, 4 Chestnut Way, Kingwood, Bristol, BS154TU Trike chassis are manufactured by and spares are available from John Ziemba. John can be contacted at JZR Trikes, Nancy Street Yard, Nancy Street, Darwen, Lancs BB3 3HP. Tel: 01254 760 620.

Association Officials
Dave Ward - Chairman
Email jzrman@gmail.com
Editor: Kath Shaw Tel 01982 560 214
Email: katherineshaw456@btinternet.com
Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Peter Wright, 01179566261
Email: peterwright4@virginmedia.com
Keeper of the Web Site Post undecided yet. Temporarily contact Evelyn
Email:evelynlofty@btinternet.com or 01530 416 536

I hear that Brian Fereday has had an operation on his knee. We all wish him well.
Dave Ward, our Chairman, travelled up to Ashby to present the JZR shield to Evelyn for her work over many years looking after the Web Site and the internet.

Minutes of the JZRPA AGM, held at the National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh, on 1st May 2016 at 2pm
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Present: Henry Tierney, Lauren Tierney, Greg Needham, Marlene Oates, Kath Shaw (P. N. Editor), Dave Ward (Chairman).
Apologies: Brian Fereday, Malcolm Lindley, Brian Pearce, Derek Martin, Evelyn Lofty, Russell Daysh, Peter Wright.
Minutes of the last Meeting: The Minutes of the last meeting on 3rdMay 2015 had been printed in the most recent issue of Pilot’s Notes. Spare copies of the Minutes and accounts had been left on the editor’s stairs in order to remind her to bring them to the meeting and are still there. It was assumed that everyone had read the minutes in Pilot’s Notes. Stu the pipe proposed that they were a correct record and Henry Tierney seconded.
Matters Arising There were none.
Chairman’s Report – The Chairman started his report by noting that we had had a better year than the last few still struggling to get members.
He confirmed that John Ziemba is still producing new machines, but they are mainly going abroad. The vast majority of the purchasers are purchasers are not joining the JZRPA. A turnkey JZR now costs \round £13,000.
Treasurers Report The accounts have been circulated with the April edition of Pilots’ Notes. There was only a £3 difference in the final figures for last year and this year. The Chairman commented that next year we would be better off as we do not require events insurance. The Treasurer was not able to attend because he had been struck low with bronchitis, but had sent an email with the relevant details, which was read out:
“We presently have 51 paid up members – 5 ‘committee ‘members and our illustrious chairman making a total of 57. We issue ‘free gratis’ copies of Pilots’ Notes to Two Kit Car Clubs. Anticipated price rises to the end of 2017 are postage 10% and printing 8% and can be absorbed if we maintain our current membership level, so I do not propose an increase in subscriptions.
The acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Lauren Tierney and seconded by Greg Needham.
Pilots’ Notes Editors Report: The editor thanked all the contributors to the magazine and asked if anyone present would like to contribute as the content was slowly diminishing. It was very rare that she received articles from anyone other than the regulars. Possibly there was an option to reduce the number of pages published, particularly in light of the changes in the management team. Greg proposed a vote of thanks to the Editor, which was seconded by Stu the Pipe.
Webmaster’s Report
Evelyn had resigned her position as webmaster and so had not produced a report. The Chairman mentioned that unless we can find someone within the club to take over we will have to pass the running of the website to an outside company. Dave appealed to members to recommend someone if this happened. Lauren volunteered to have a look at the website as long as she did not have to answer any technical questions. Members were very grateful to her.
Election of Officers
With the exception of Evelyn all officers were willing to stand for re-election. Stu the Pipe proposed that they, be re-elected, seconded by Marlene. The position of Webmaster will be left unfilled until Lauren has had time to look at the website.
Presentation of the Edgar Lowe Memorial Trophy. The committee proposed that this year the trophy be awarded to Evelyn Lofty for her dedication to the club. All those present agreed. The Chairman would present the trophy to Evelyn soon.
Any other business – There was none.

Members were pleased to hear that Marlene & Greg had been able to purchase a replacement for their stolen JZR.
Hopefully you will have some time during the winter to get your JZR ready for next years motoring.

Notice from John Ziemba –
I have been contacted by VOSA and they have given instructions for the following notice to appear on the website. Will Pilots please respond to the questions to me on 01254 760 620.
VOSA regulations To be road legal a service brake is required at each road wheel and an
independent parking brake is also required otherwise you will be in
contravention of the Construction and Use Regulations 1986 (as amended) The
Vehicle and Operator Services Agency are aware that some JZR Trikes do not meet the above requirements and suggested that I contacted the JZR Owners. I can supply all necessary parts to upgrade the non-compliant machines. I would appreciate all JZR Owners to respond to this notice with the following information:
Registration Number:
Chassis Number:
Rear brake donor machine:
Are the brakes compliant with the above information? Yes/No
Is your JZR registered with DVLA?
Address: ________________________________________
Do you require a kit to upgrade your JZR to make it compliant? Yes/No
My conversion costs £65 + £5 postage and I need a plate in exchange. If you need any more information please contact me on 01254 760 620 - John
Scottish rally in September.
I have heard that the Three wheeler rally held in Scotland in September was extremely successful. It was attended by 47 three wheelers. There will be a full report in the April edition of Pilots notes.
Advanced notice- On August 29th a three wheeler section will be included at the Kit Car's show at Knebworth House.
Greg and Marlene have had their JZR stolen from her locked garage in the early hours of this morning. Its Reg is Q79XAK. Contact Greg and Marlene on 07747165945 to report any sightings and the police. Marlene is so upset at the loss of her JZR

All those members who joined Kath and Fran for the Welsh Wanderer would like to thank them for such a well organised and welcoming rally. The feasts they provided with some input from members were lovely. I'm sure we all put on pounds in extra weight. We went on two runs through the gorgeous welsh countryside, with comfort stops at places of interest on the way. There was just a hint of autumn colour appearing in the hedgerows. Henry and Lauren brought two celebration cakes. One was an iced sponge and the other a chocolate log fashioned into a very realistic JZR. We all stayed on until Sunday night, leaving on Monday morning. Pat and Brian left to join a boating holiday. Fran and Kath kindly took Joy and myself to Builth Wells to catch the train to Shrewsbury and the other JZRs made their way home. Thanks again Kath & Fran. I have had an Email from an overseas member, Tuan, who is trying to find Plans for a JZR. If anyone has a copy they are willing to copy, please contact me, Evelyn
Do you remember the steam propelled three wheeler made by Tom Gill and Brian Lofty, and featured on the front cover of a previous edition of PN., has been sold for just under £400.
If anyone is considering selling their JZR see the advert for one on our For Sale page - Evelyn
The JZRPA AGM was held on Sunday 3rd May. There were few members
attending probably due to the heavy rain that morning. There were quite a few members on Monday.
Reports were given by all the officers. Dave Ward, Chairman, Kath Shaw, PN Editor, Evelyn Lofty, Webmaster and treasurer/Membership Secretary.
Peter Wright offered to take over as Treasurer etc. This was agreed unanimously. He will take over on 1st June 2015. The meeting thanked Evelyn for taking over the job last year.
Remember the Scottish Three wheeler rally at the beginning of September.
Kath's Welsh Wanderer is to be held on 18th/20th September. There will be a good crowd there, so get organised and join us, complete with JZR if possible.
We held a home cooked Christmas Dinner at Evelyn's at Ashby on Sunday January 11th. Everyone enjoyed the meal and chat and we were pleased to welcome new member Steve who is building a JZR at his home in Overseal, near Swadlingcote. We hope to see his JZR maybe at Stoneleigh in May.
Cloversew, who make the designs of the JZR Logo have retired. Should you want any garments we have the disc with the design on it for our Logo.
One of our members has nearly finished constructing his Honda GL JZR. He is still undecided as to which exhausts to choose. He has seen some photos in our galleries with good looking exhausts. Their registrations are YKH 946S and KAE 181X. Unfortunately they are not in my database. Anyone with any information please contact Stuart on 01283 760 303.- Evelyn

I am very sorry to have to report that our Treasurer and Membership Secretary Tony Simpson (Zipper) passed away last night 23rd May.
His funeral will be on Wednesday 4th June 2014 at 11am at The Methodist Church at Hill Top, Bolsover. Mourners are invited to the Blue Bell pub nearby afterwards,
Family flowers only please, Donations appreciated for the Ashgate Hospice. The funeral went very well apart from the weather. There was a large congregation including quite a few JZR members. We went back for a 'do' at the Blue Bell. The donations to Ashgate Hospice totalled £380. Joy and family thank all who came.

It was good that Zipper won the Edgar Lowe Trophy and received it just in time.
Chairman Dave Ward had it engraved and took it up to Zipper, who was very surprised and touched that the members of the association appreciated how much work he had done as Membership Secretary and Treasurer

More bad news. Tony Hollingshead (speedy) passed away on Wednesday 26th February. We all send our best wishes to his wife Marian at this sad time. Tony will be cremated on Thursday 13th March 2014 at 2.30p.m at Milton Crematorium near Stoke on Trent. Just off the A53 at Baddeley Green. No flowers but donations to charity. Cheques should be made out to Cheshire Asbestos Victim Support group. Charity no 1042679.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that Brian passed away in his sleep on Saturday 25th January 2014. As his body has been accepted by Leicester Medical School there will be no cremation. We held a Memorial Service for him on Friday 7th February at 12 noon at St. Helens in Ashby followed by a 'do' at The Beeches Carvery. There were no flowers but donations to the British Lung Foundations came to just under £600. There were many family and friends present and it was a lovely service. Thank you so much for coming to say goodbye to him. Evelyn

We are very sorry to announce that Jim Bates has passed away after being in a coma since last Christmas. Our thoughts are with Yvonne and their family. The funeral was at Leicester Crematorium on Monday 11th November 2013 at 3.15 pm. Flowers or donations to the Heartly Link Children's charity.
There was a large congregation present to pay their respects to Jim and support Yvonne at this sad time, including a large group of his JZR friends. Jim was an early member of the JZRPA and has been a very helpful member. He has been interested in three wheeled cars, and motor bikes for many years. We were reminded about Jim's many activities including his several marathons.
Jim will be really missed by friends and family and he will never be forgotten

Try out the 2013 gallery of vehicles which were at Stoneleigh.

We would like to know the whereabouts of our JZR Q533WHE and Stewart would like to know the whereabouts of EFV394V. Stewarts email is morgan_bgo@yahoo.co.uk and ours is brianlofty@btinternet.com

Thanks go to Fred Martin for kindly contributing the proceeds of his sale of JZR spares to club funds. Thanks Fred

Are you looking for spares? Check out our sales page. If there is anything you want - get in touch with the seller. You will lose the opportunity as they wont keep these spares around for ever.

Check out the link to JZRUSA2. The car built by Jim Fowler and sold to Fred Veenschoten Fred writes -I've gotten my blog up and working with a number of postings and adding new ones every week. this is the continuation of Jim Fowler's jzrusa build. The USA build 2

Try out this website sent to us from France. French Tricycle link

Look out for articles on the new Morgan Three wheeler. Try the LINKS page on our Menu.

Message from Hans in the Netherlands.- I am building a website, which is to be extended in the future, but has already been operational for few days. Try out the link
There is a new section reporting the formation of a Three Wheeler club in France, of which half the members are JZR Owners. On line now. Try it out

Reluctantly membership fees have to be increased to £17.50 from January 2012. The cost of PNs both to produce and post has increased.

Membership fees are £17.50 per year. Paypal is available at an extra £2 for charges.

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